Vascular Birthmarks



DrLinda_2014VBF is proud to have the continued support of Frank and Barbara Catalanotto as our Honorary Chairpersons. It has been over 10 years since we joined forces to raise awareness about vascular birthmarks. The support they have given us over the past decade has made a difference in the lives of many children and adults affected by a hemangioma or other vascular birthmark, just like the one their oldest daughter, Morgan, had.

Today, VBF is the leading not for profit in the world for children and adults affected by such vascular birthmarks as hemangiomas, port wine stains, and malformations. Throughout 2014 we will be celebrating our accomplishments such as: Over 3,000,000 monthly visits on websites with chapters on 6 continents, 75,000 networked into treatment, over 500 families provided free lodging while seeking a medical opinion or treatment, over 400 conference scholarships awarded, over 200 Day of Awareness events, over 100 insurance appeals successfully challenged, 15 conferences, 12 new programs (including our Ask/Accept Anti Bullying campaign), 10 walk/runs, 6 research projects funded, 4 physician education grants awarded, 4 college scholarships awarded, 2 International Missions Trips with over 300 treated by our international team. We also have chapters now throughout the world, including Latin America, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, Australia, India, Asia, Russia, Poland, and we have new board members who bring a wealth of expertise to the board and our Scientific Advisory Committee tells us that their research is making history in the world of vascular birthmarks.

Each year we hold a conference where we bring the leading physicians in the world together with children and adults affected by a vascular birthmark. The families receive proper diagnosis and treatment plans and the foundation provides free lodging, meals, and a clinic appointment for each family. This has only been possible by the support we have received from the Catalanottos.


VBF and the Catalanottos would like you to join our winning team to “Hit a Home Run” to fight Vascular Birthmarks. Your donation is tax deductible and will help families receive an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment plan

Be a part of the team that gives hope to families affected by a vascular birthmark.

Our website reaches families all over the world that are affected by a vascular birthmark. Your financial support will enable us to continue to assist these families.

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On Behalf of VBF and the Catalanottos.